“… a page-turner that demands completion from the outset.”

losing isaiah cover

Boston Globe:
“Riveting courtroom scenes … impossible to turn away from.”*

Washington Post:
“Losing Isaiah pushes all the current cultural buttons: the rights of adoptive parents vs. the birth mother’s; the question of whether black children should be adopted by white parents and all the racial issues that go along with that … with warmth and dimension … he gets inside the head of every character.”

Houston Post:
“A fair-minded, sensitive writer with a compelling style …”

Independent on Sunday (UK):
“The suspense structure insists that you career through the pages but towards the end your fingers shrink from their task … the pain, for the loser, is going to be just too acute to bear.”

School Library Journal:
” … thought provoking, non-judgmental …”

UK Magazine:  
” … a compelling, well-observed read.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
” Margolis does a skillful job of presenting both sides of the story, a story that asks troubling questions and provides no easy answers.”

Manchester Evening News (UK):
” … gripping to the end.”

Publishers Weekly:
” Provocative … engrossing … to its credit, offers no pat answers to complicated issues.”