Political Thrillers in the Age of Trump

Given recent political events, it’s tempting to conclude that the political thriller is irrelevant.
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What if I Never Wrote the Same Book Twice?

I try to figure out why a brand consultant (me) never managed to establish his own writing brand.
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Did Elizabeth I secretly have a child? Or was she actually a guy?

The great Thinking Sideways team interviewed me for a podcast on mysteries surrounding Elizabeth I. And there’s a “bonus” interview with me, too!

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Memories of my childhood public library

Do you have fond memories of your childhood library? My first library was mysterious and private and unexpectedly captivating, exactly like the experience of reading itself.

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How I researched my new novel, THE SEMPER SONNET.

An invaluable reference book and a nosy visit to Westminster Abbey helped me imagine the world of Elizabeth I. Read more about my research on

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Do small spaces spawn big ideas?

Somehow I managed to write seven novels in my New York apartment, even when my “workspace” was a corner of the dining room. In this post on Crime Spree Magazine, I look back and think maybe that was the key.

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Exploring inspiration as a guest blogger at Mystery Scene

“What if?” questions have inspired countless novels. What if the Nazis had won the Second World War (Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America)? What if robots cold feel emotion, and possibly murder (Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot). In my guest post at Mystery Scene, I explain how two “what if” questions inspired THE SEMPER SONNET.

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What’s on my nightstand? A graphic memoir, and a few books set in England.

When my wife and I rent vacation houses, we have fun concocting a hypothetical portrait of our landlords based on the books they leave behind. So I imagine that readers could get a pretty good portrait of me by examining the books I have on my nightstand. Here’s a blog post on the books I keep close at hand.

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