“A thoroughly chilling and engrossing story.”*

No one is safe when hypnosis awakens the mind of a violent serial killer.

Orlando Sentinel
“Sizzling … original … hypnotic … a page turner.”

“Cleverly diabolic twists … a high impact story … that’s likely to keep readers riveted to the page.”

Publishing News (UK) 
“Outstandingly well-written … compelling.”

Hackensack, NJ Record 
“After giving readers a first-chapter glimpse of the killer’s primal trauma (without revealing the culprit’s identity), Margolis keeps the suspense level high as he gradually reveals the psychosis of the killer …”

*Library Journal 
“A thoroughly chilling and engrossing story.”

Publishes Weekly 
“Margolis’s strong suit is his ability to juggle an intricate plot and a number of major characters while he keeps his narrative taut and makes every detail count.”

Syracuse Herald-American 
” … well-paced and  well-plotted. The twists and turns don’t stop, and wait till you read about the secret that unmasks the murderer. The main character might be a hypnotist, but her creator sure knows how to cast a spell with words.”

Margolis expertly pulls all our strings and keeps us guessing right up until the final moment.”


An electrifying tale of psychological suspense with a brilliantly original twist, in the best tradition of Mary Higgins Clark and Joy Fielding.

At Julia Mallet’s 35th birthday celebration, a harmless party game goes terribly awry. The next day Julia’s neighbor is brutally and senselessly slain — the first victim of a bloodthirsty psychopath who will kill again and again. And the maniac has left a calling card that only Julia can read — the result of a post-hypnotic suggestion she inadvertently lodged in the subconscious minds of her closest friends the night before. And now Julia knows without a doubt that one of the six people she loves and trusts most in the world is a murderer.