“… a hip and urbane debut work”


“… a hip and urbane debut work … Margolis conveys the intensity and the crass materialism that are the hallmarks of a certain breed of young professionals.”
-Publishers Weekly

Alison Rosen, a young, single Manhattan fashion buyer, first met Linda Levinson seven years ago when both answered the same Village Voice ad for a Fire Island “share.” Since then, they’ve been returning to Seaside Harbor every summer weekend.

One night, after leaving Crane’s, the singles bar that often serves as a pickup place for the lonely, the bored — and the predatory — Linda is found murdered.  Did she pick up one too many stray bedmates? Is her killer a spurned bar patron whose advances Linda rejected in her customarily abrupt style? What about the mysterious lover back in the city about whom Linda had spoken but Alison has never met?

Long Island police officer Joe DiGregorio is assigned to work undercover on the case, posing as a yuppie accountant. Together, Joe and Alison, who is unaware of Joe’s masquerade, set out to find the murderer before he strikes again; in the process, they find out that Linda was a woman of many secrets — and they find themselves falling in love in an atmosphere in which nobody can be trusted.